The Northern Company

Based in Oslo, Norway and the remote island of Træna by the polar circle. We are we are a team of International seaweed hunters, innovators, food nerds, game changers, ocean lovers, sustainable and forward thinking group of awesome individuals. 


Zoe Christiansen

I have a background in Theatre and Arts. In 2011 I started working with seaweed and started The Northern Company. I wanted to be directly involved in changing our common perspective around food, how this affects our culture and the climate. I develop recipes and design communication strategies for our products.


Nina Sahraou

I have a background in culture and communication and have worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years. This year I was a proud member of the Seaweed Processing Team! I helped making sure the seaweed is top quality and well packed! I also contribute with ideas on product development.


Pia Ve Dahlen

Marine biologist and underwater person. I spend my days trying to convince and educate the public about the awesomeness of the ocean and why they should want to take care of it. Part brawns, entertainment and a little brain. I bring my marine biology perspective into the harvest and also try to brainwash the other crew members to LOVE nudibranchs and barnacle penises. 


Alex Asensi

I started studying Environmental Science but after 5 years I quit and started photography and video. I have been working with photo and video documentation with The Northern Company for the last 4 years. This year I spent most of the time harvesting, packing and thinking about how to improve our workflow.


Megan Guertner

Creator of things with dark chocolate + seaweed. I have a background in visual communications, graphic design, brand development, digital marketing, social media and culinary nutrition. I have assisted in managing digital marketing materials, social media, public relations as well as establishing relationships with local chefs, restaurants and shop owners delivering samples and fulfilling orders. 


Anders Budde

Free diver and engineer. This year I was part of the harvesting and technical development team.


Alex Christiansen

I have been a Partner with The Northern Company since 2010. I have been working on various things within the company: operations, productions, management, research, development, distribution, marketing and promotions. It’s a natural place for me to explore and learn about entrepreneurship and start-ups. Lately I have been focusing on establishing sales for the company and getting seaweed out to everyday people.


Cathrine Sparre

I have a Master's in landscape architecture. I have been a volunteer for the last 3 harvest seasons, in order to learn, but also to participate in an inspiring and provident environment. One of my jobs has been to assure the quality of sustainable methods during harvest, process and product development when we are at Træna.


Lars Erik

I have a background in sales, but have been  working as a personal trainer and instructor, alongside being a musician. I spent this year with the harvesting team. In addition to being out at sea collecting seaweed, I also had the chance to participate in the rest of the production learning the entire process, until pallets were shipped from the factory.


Julie Ekse

I have a chef and sommelier background. I am currently working on promotion for sales in Copenhagen as well as development of recipes.

Oda Tollan Sørensen

I was born in Oslo, and grew up on the East side. I have always liked the nature and the ocean. I am currently studying to be a kindergarten teacher at Rudolf Steiner University College. When I'm not in school I harvest seaweed, work in the production line, handle web orders, and work at events and workshops.


Filipe Seixas

I have worked in the restaurant business for the last 20 years, currently at Hanami in Oslo. I´ve been working with product development, mainly the new seaweed salad and also been actively doing cooking workshops with The Northern Company.